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“Working hard is very important. You’re not going to get anywhere without working extremely hard.” – George Lucas

Knightis 1/21 2nd Post

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There’s a few things that lead to a healthy, happy life!

Knightis 1/21/14

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It’s a great day to pull up the boot straps and work hard!

Knight Industrial Services is now accepting applications for Industrial Painters with 5+ years’ experience. MUST have VALID Texas Driver’s License (NOT ID card) and Social Security card. (TWIC and Basic Plus preferred). Apply in person at our office at 6802 I-10 East Freeway Baytown, TX 77521. Call 281-421-5049 for any questions.

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“Dallas is good as gold, and it was a no brainer to help. He is part of Knight’s family and that means his family is too” states Joe Briscoe, Knight Industrial Services General Manager.

Abrasive blasting, below grade services, fireproofing, scaffolding, and bio blasting cleaning doesn’t sound like jobs where your employees would have a lot of compassion. As a matter of fact, Knight Industrial Services is a 3 decade plus old company with some of the toughest professionals in the industry. However, when 18 month special Equipment Technician, Dallas Ivey approached longtime General Manager, Joe Briscoe about his brothers plight- these guys put effort into a great cause.



Pictured: Dallas Ivey and his colleagues hanging out on the job site.  Dallas is the one with the backwards hat 3rd person from the left.

You see, Dallas’ brother Matt Ivey was just diagnosed with NDS a form of bone cancer.  Cancer-induced bone disease is a characteristic feature of several types of cancer, including the hematological malignancy multiple myeloma, and other tumors that metastasise to bone such as breast, prostate and lung. In addition to the development of debilitating skeletal complications, the bone marrow provides a unique hospitable microenvironment, and once tumors become established in bone, they are largely unresponsive to treatment.


Matt Ivey


This diagnosis sounds pretty bad, but if you knew the fight that Knight Industrial Services has- you would know that quitting is not an option. “Matt is 41 years old, and has two teenage children; one who just graduated high school. He is getting married this Saturday and has no plans to go anywhere but back with his family” says an emphatic Dallas Ivey. Matt was a volunteer fireman in Madison, Texas and had a job with Nabors Drilling with their corporate services team located in Houston, Texas and can be reached at 281.874.0035.

That’s right. He had a job with Nabors Drilling, but not anymore. The doctors are making an aggressive effort to save Matts life by ordering him into Chemotherapy and putting his name on the Bone Marrow Transplant list. If the news for Matt couldn’t get any worse; it did when the doctors said that Matt would have to stop working while in treatment. Nabors decided to let Matt go which means he loses his insurance and Cobra is too expensive for Matt to afford.

Therefore, Dallas and his family organized selling chop beef briquette sandwiches, chips, and a drink for $5 each. They will be serving these sandwiches hoping to raise money for Matt’s mounting medical expenses as well as insurance cost. The event will take place Saturday, June 22, 2013 and held at the Madisonville Volunteer Fire Department on Main Street located at 1617 E. Main Street, Madisonville, Texas where Matt had served as a volunteer fireman.

“It really means a lot that Knight Industrial Services stepped up in helping with donations for my brother. It was a lot more than what his own company did for him” adds Dallas.

Wells Fargo has set up an account in Matt Ivey’s name if you would like to help with donations. You can also email Dallas Ivey for more information at . If you are near Madisonville, stop by and eat a chop beef sandwich for a good cause.

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Knight Industrial Services offers sandblasting, painting, insulation, fireproofing, soda blasting and scaffolding. Our commitment is to our customers. Our services are offered at the highest quality possible, reasonably priced, and within the time frame desired.

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